After a great month of intense work, it’s normal to want to relax, drive off the sunset, and leave the country for a little vacation. Good news! This is totally possible since the best vacation spots in Mexico, are just a border away, specifically at Valle de Guadalupe. In this post, you will learn about the best wineries in Mexico, driving safe in another country, and how to enjoy and make the most of your experience at Valle

Drive Safe with Your Car Insurance App 

When you travel to Mexico make sure you double-check your US car insurance since most of the time it only covers some miles close to the border or it doesn’t include liability. If you’re planning to travel, consider downloading La Segura Mexico Insurance App, which covers you through all Mexican territory plus, you can only pay for liability or pick the optimum coverage plan that covers your entire traveling days. Add as many drivers or car plates as you want in case you’re traveling in a larger group. Get a Quick Quote to compare with other online insurance companies.

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What a Car Insurance in Mexico Doesn’t Cover 

We know you might get a bit tipsy with all the wonderful wine you might be drinking while visiting all these marvelous Mexican wineries, but be careful! Insurance doesn’t cover drivers whose test results show alcohol was involved in an accident. Also, if you report an accident while crossing into the U.S., it will not be valid. You must report it on Mexican territory. But we have a solution for you: If you plan on drinking, just have a designated driver and you can add them to the policy as well. This way everybody will be safe during this great experience.

Must-try Wineries in Baja

We researched and found these great wineries that are ready to give you not just the best wine experience but delicious cooking, from elegant dishes to delightful BBQs — after all, this area of Mexico is also known for its exquisite meat.

Château Camou Winery 

Château Camou’s was bought by Fernando Favela Lozoya and a partner back in 1993 with one single goal: The art of creating Great Mexican Wines. At Château Camou you can find a great selection of wines that go from Rose to Chardonnay, along with many other grapes. It’s a beautiful place to plan your wedding or just visit for a wine tasting. They recently won a Gold Gran Bacchus, so this pretty much tells you about the quality of their wine.

Chateu Camou - La Segura Mexico Insurance

Vinos Liceaga Winery

Eduardo Liceaga is the founder of this amazing winery very close to Ensenada, Mexico. He had a great desire to produce Mexican wine of the highest quality. Back in 1982, he acquired a property in San Antonio de las Minas that made the perfect spot for his varietal harvest. There are two ways to experience this winery, either by attending a wine tasting or a guided visit; and if you are a wine lover, you can’t miss La Cava de Lalo, where you can taste premium wine in a special spot dedicated to their founder. Liceaga’s brand is a great one to taste since it offers a mix of grapes from red to colorless wines.

Liceaga Winery - La Segura Mexico Insurance

Alximia Winery

Alximia is a winery in Valle de Guadalupe that respects and takes care of the piece of land that cultivates their wine. So their approach is to prioritize and understand the conditions that make their wine the best, and take into account how to properly conserve it. They have a unique building that promotes the culture associated with wine, the conservation of the environment, the reuse and treatment of water, and the use of alternative energies within the production processes. You might want to pay a visit to their tasting room or buy their wine through their online store. These are from Merlot to Varietal, so for sure you’ll find your favorite flavor.

Alximia - La Segura Mexico Insurance

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The Best Season to Visit Baja Wineries 

If you’re wondering when is the best time to visit, there are two opportunities throughout the year. The truth is that you can visit any time of the year, but in May and April during Spring or October and November during Autumn, you’ll find that the weather is much cooler and more enjoyable.

If you choose April you can be part of the Festival de las Conchas y El Vino Nuevo, a festival that started 20 years ago and it’s all about the food the sea has to offer plus wine! In October, you can attend Valle Food and Wine Fest which basically isn’t just wine, you can also drink beer and have amazing seafood or BBQ.

The Trip All Wine Lover Should Take 

There you go, eat, drink and enjoy, but most of all are responsible, and assign a designated driver so the day ends up as perfect, as you imagined it to be! Share this post with all of your Wine Lover friends, and even better, start organizing your vacations in Mexico! Quick Quote Your Car insurance for Mexico via La Segura Insurance Mexico App.