If you are a coffee lover, you should know what your next flavor adventure will be during your visit to Mexico. From the north to the south, there are different types of coffee that will improve your tourist or business experience. Here is our guide to Mexican coffee wherever destination you travel!

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How is the Mexican Coffee Taste by Region?

The coffee in Mexico is mostly derived from the families Coffea arabica var. bourbon known as Bourbon, Coffea arabica var. caturra also called Caturra, Coffea arabica var. maragogype known as Maragogype, and Coffea arabica var. mundo novo also called Mundo Novo. These normally grow on small organic farms where families of traditional farmers are the principal investors and indigenous people are the main producers with the potential for a major positive social impact.

According to the International Coffee Organization (2021), Mexico consumes closer to half of the coffee they produce and is the ninth worldwide coffee producer per pound. In large cities, especially in Mexico City, the Mexican coffee shop and drinking culture have become part of a subculture where specialized coffee places are as popular as big commercial spots like Starbucks.

Mexico coffee beans are well known for their variety and particular overtones given the country’s weather, altitude, and production differences in each region, particularly among those from the south of the country. Coffee in Mexico is also recognized for its sustainable production and conservation that gains importance year after year.

In general terms, Mexican coffee is fine with a light body and a nutty flavor combined with an acidy snap that varies by region and bean species. The roasting will condense the taste of the bean and free up all the tones that it has to offer given the high quality of the product. Preferably, organic farms, the predominant ones, roast fresh beans to lose less flavor during their production, selling, and conservation compared to those that are more commercial brands and demand massive production.

As a result, Mexico coffee beans grow in three main states. The ones from the Chiapas region have sweet and delicate flavors favored by the tropical weather and volcanoes of nearby Guatemala, where it competes for high-quality coffee. This is one of the best Mexican coffee available with chocolaty, nuts, and citrus overtones.

The Veracruz region is known more for its Coatepec coffee, with red fruit flavors, caramel sweetness, and chocolaty overtones mixed with light acidity. In comparison, the Oaxaca region represents one of the most demanding coffee markets in the country. These Mexico coffee beans are sweet and have caramel, citrus and floral overtones alongside light acidity. Which of these descriptions did you find the most interesting?

Mexican coffee

The Types of Mexican Coffee You Must Try

Rather than going to a spot to try specific Mexico coffee beans as the base of your hot or cold drink, they have their own special preparations to choose from. Then, ask if they have one of these to really experience the coffee in Mexico.

Mexican spiced coffee or “café de olla” is the most popular preparation. It is boiled in a clay pot with cinnamon and cane sugar called “piloncillo” to give it a sweet and slightly opaque flavor. Another type of Mexican coffee that you can try is the Carajillo, which is a coffee with liquor normally offered as a cocktail. This can be prepared with brandy, whiskey, or rum depending on how you ask for it or how it is served in the place you visit.

Mexican coffeeWhere to Drink and Buy Mexican Coffee

Next up are the tourist spots to drink and buy coffee in Mexico in popular cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Veracruz, Cancun, Chiapas, and Puebla. First, Mexico City is on the coffee wave movement with great places to drink different types of beans. Reforma, Condesa, Roma, and Del Valle are the most popular places with Mexican coffee shop like Cardinal, Qūentin Café, or Alquimia Café, where you can also purchase your favorite bean flavors.

In the north, if you visit Guadalajara, you should go to these spots, where they use Mexico coffee beans from different regions:
Taller de Espresso.
El Terrible Juan.
Caligari Café.

In Monterrey, these Mexican coffee shop could open up your experience:
El Cafelito.
Mille Délices.

In the central region, you must visit these spots in Puebla, which are perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack:
Almanegra Café.
Zaranda Café.
Bartola Café.

In Veracruz, the below mentioned Mexican coffee shop are among the most popular in the zone:
Café de La Parroquia.
Gran Café del Portal.
Barra La Artesanal.

In the south, Chiapas offers a wide variety of Mexican coffee at:
Sarajevo Café Jardín.
Carajillo Café.
Frontera Artisan Food & Coffee.

Finally, Ah Cacao Chocolate Café, Café Antoinette, and Café Con Gracia will be your reference for coffee in Mexico if you visit Cancun.

Mexican coffeeVisit Mexican Coffee Shop and Discover New Ones

We have gone the whole coffee route and the best part is that now you know what the best cup of coffee for you is to stay awake while traveling to different spots in Mexico during your vacations or business trip. With La Segura, you have a safe and highly trusted partner for driving your own car or renting one. Try as much Mexican coffee you can, believe us, this country is 100% recommended for coffee lovers;  Get Your Car Insurance.