One of the good things about living in Texas close to the border with Mexico, is that you can plan a weekend vacation in Mexico, where not only you will live the real Mexican experience but enjoy shopping places and amazing barbecue! Today we recommend you venture into Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, the Northern city of this amazing country!!
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Things To Do in Monterrey Mexico

So, the first stop will be La Macroplaza, which is the biggest plaza in Mexico and the 4th in the world. It has three museums: The Museo de Arquitectura Mexicana, Museo del Noreste and the Museo Palacio. You’ll learn about these museums through national, regional, and local history. This spot has contemporary architecture, but the Museo del Palacio has neoclassical architecture. You never know what you could bump into, like street performers or amazing picture-perfect spots like Neptuno’s fountain. Tourists use the Macro to connect with other interesting parts of the city, like Barrio Antiguo.

If you’re looking for a more artistic experience, we have 5 museums you can visit during your stay in Monterrey:

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo

Also known as Marco.  Admire visual Latin-American art, conferences, movies, and theatre, and grab a coffee while you’re at it. It’s located at Plaza Zaragoza, which is at Macroplaza’s southern end.

The Museo de Historia Mexicana

This is a permanent exhibition of five halls of Geography, Old Mexico, Viceroyalty, XIX Century, and New Mexico.

Museo del Noreste

Also known as MUNE, is the perfect place to learn more about Mexico State’s Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, and Tamaulipas, and guess what other state? Texas! Why? Because of its relationship with the Mexican Territory, what it is, and how it used to be.

Museo del Acero Horno 3

The most important attraction is the high #3 kiln, which was made by an American company to melt 1500 to 2000 tons of iron. Once it was restored, it was adapted to be a museum whose main goal is to encourage scientific and technological thought. You will learn about the Iron Industry in Mexico in a playful way with a vivid-red light show, featuring an inside-out kiln #3.

Planetario Monterrey

This is for astronomy fans and for people who are interested or want to know more about the mysteries of the Universe. Want to camp under the stars? Planetario Monterrey has been promoting this activity, reach out and make your reservations.

Macro Plaza Monterrey

Photo by, La Macro Plaza.

The Best Monterrey Mexican Grill Restaurants

When we think about Monterrey and their cuisine, the first dish that comes to mind is cabrito, then machaca, skirt steak, and beef barbecue. It’s important to specify that Monterrey’s barbeque isn’t the same flavor that in the U.S., that sweet kind of Ketchup flavor. No, Mexican barbeque is about how they cook the meat, sauces, and spices they use. So here are recommendations for must-try restaurants:

  • Where to eat Cabrito? According to the place to try cabrito must be El Rey del Cabrito. This place is totally for meat lovers, you never know, you might even bump into a celebrity since it’s so popular. Their meat quality makes their cabrito delicious.
  • Machaca is dry meat that combined with eggs is a popular breakfast dish. You can buy machaca heading to Allende, just outside of Monterrey. The most recommended brands are Carne Seca La Única and Carne Seca La Fama. This last one can already be found in HEB grocery stores.
  • If you’re more into steaks, then you should try the Arrachera. People on Trip Advisor recommend El Gaucho Restaurante and Asador La Vaca Argentina. According to El Gaucho, you can order online, as for La Vaca Argentina you can find this restaurant in different cities throughout Mexico.
Rey del Cabrito

Photo by Rey del Cabrito

Best Shopping Places in Monterrey and Hotels to Rest

We’ll make this short and sweet, so if you want traditional artwork, crafts, and other designs you must visit La Zona Rosa of Monterrey, but if you want peculiar designs from new Mexican designers you must meet these brands born in Monterrey.

Holic Nation

Photo by Holic Nation

Now if you already visited the shopping malls and need to rest, these centric hotels are in the heart of Monterrey.

CHN Hotel Monterrey Centro, we recommend you ask for a room with a view of El Cerro de la Silla, they also have a swimming pool, wifi, parking lot, and their rooms are very comfortable.

On the other hand, if you’re traveling with kids, iStay Hotel Monterrey Histórico it’s a nice family-friendly option. Not only do they offer comfortable rooms and wifi, but they also have a swimming pool with that beach feeling plus a playground for kids. This is also inside the city of Monterrey.

Driving to Monterrey from Texas

If you’re traveling in your own car from Texas, once you arrive at McAllen, you’re only 3.30 hours away. It’s important to consider Mexican Insurance since it’s illegal to travel without one. You might want to check out La Segura Mexico Insurance’s app. With just a few clicks you can quote and access a policy based on the days of your stay in Mexico.

As for the route, you will need to go to Anzalduas International Bridge and exit on Prol. Libramiento Matamoros-Monterrey/México40. Take the ramp onto Carr. Libre Monterrey – Reynosa/Blvd. Miguel Hidalgo and the just keep yourself on the toll road. Once you see signs for Eje Metropolitano 30, slight right onto AV.Cristobal Colón/Eje Metropolitano 16. Continue on Av Cristobal Colón/Eje Metropolitano 3 and last move, turn right onto Trans.Colón.  Route on Google Maps.

Monterrey on a Nutshell

Good food, good shops, and a good rest await you in Monterrey. We do recommend using Google Maps or Waze since traffic can be overwhelming. You may be aiming for Monterrey’s Centro and end up in Allende if you miss the right exit.