If you’re coming to the Baja 500 this June 2021, we sure have some great tips for you to make the most out of your stay at Baja besides experiencing one of the best off-road race events! We know that you’re a desert fan and will probably be out there most of your day, but a good morning breakfast and dinner are a must! Plus the best places to rest and why not? Visit the worth seeing spots before heading back home.

Tip 1. Drive Safe with a Car Insurance App

First things first! If you are driving down in your car, purchase your insurance easily in a car insurance app like La Segura Insurance. This app will cover you throughout Mexico and you will be able to add different drivers if you aren’t the only one doing all the driving. Once you’re over the border and if you’re one to enjoy a perfect ocean view, the suggestion is to travel through the “Ensenada’s Scenic Route” This road will eventually take you to a toll road, so make sure you have pesos with you, but they normally accept dollars as well.
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Tip 2. Stay at These Hotels in Mexico

Our idea was to only recommend one hotel, but we found 2 amazing hotels in Mexico you might love! We know you’ll be very excited about the Baja 500 race and that you will probably want to rest comfortably after such an amazing day out there. So why not try Quintas Papagayo from suites to chalets, depending on the number of people traveling with you. Our hearts go out to the beach cabins!
Hotels in Mexico - Quinta Papagayo

Now, if you don’t want to lose that desert feeling, close to Valle de Guadalupe you’ll find this amazing glamping site made of trailers from Valley Nomads. Your room will be a trailer, and it doesn’t end there, since they also have restaurants and bars for their guests to enjoy.  We really hope you’ll enjoy these hotels in Ensenada Baja California!

Hotels in Mexico - Valley Nomad

 Tip 3. Must-Try Restaurants in Ensenada

We have 2 recommendations for you: Did you really go to Baja if you didn’t eat their famous local fish tacos? We don’t think so. Skip all the trouble of deciding where to eat, we already found the best place. The best-rated tacos according to Tasteatlas.com are Tacos Marco Antonio! They offer all sorts of “guisados” with different seafood and fish to create delicious tacos. Order them how you like them and enjoy!

Eat in Ensenada - La Segura
If you’re looking for something a little bit nicer but with some amazing flavors as well, you might want to try Muelle 3. In this case, TripAdvisor has it rated the best restaurant in Baja. You’ll love not only their Mediterranean cuisine but also the sights while dining with them.

Tip 4. What Else to Do in Ensenada during Baja 500

If you have a free day, you might enjoy horse riding exploring either Las Canadas or La Bufadora, take the time you desire, at no extra charge. Desert Trails offers you beach and mountain horse riding plus good recommendations about where to eat or do your shopping. You could also live the whole cowboy experience since you will also be able to camp with your horses.

Tip 5. Don’t Miss These Important Baja 500 Dates

In case this is your first time learning about the Baja 500, this is a World Desert Championship off-road race. It was founded by the legendary Mickey Thompson in 1973. SCORE International was the first organized race series for off-road motorsports.

Here is a shortcut to important dates you shouldn’t forget, especially those where you must make a payment and register.

  •  Event Dates: June 10 -13, 2021
  • June 10: Registration On-Site Check-In Begins
  • June 11: Tech & Contingency
  • June 12: Start of Baja 500
  • June 13: Baja 500 awards

Single Loop Race – 461 miles (Approx.)
Where: Ensenada, Baja California. México.

By Randy.

More info: https://score-international.com/raceinfo/2021-score-race-schedule/

Tip 6. Where to Nightclub at Ensenada

If you’ve been having a long day, let’s talk about what to do at night to just relieve all that racing stress. Husson’s Cantina is the oldest place in Ensenada, you’ll get the experience of an old-timey Mexican cantina, with traditional music and delicious drinks.

And if you’re a craft beer lover, you’re in luck! Ensenada has one of the best craft beer industries. We want to recommend a different place: Agua Mala. You can find their beer in all of Mexico’s states, so it’s worth paying a visit to the source and enjoy the experience of all the unique flavors they have, based on the season.

Agua Mala to drink in Baja 500

Tip 7. Can’t Miss This: La Bufadora

La Bufadora is a blowhole located on the Punta Banda Peninsula. This is a natural phenomenon often associated with marine geysers. The story behind La Bufadora is that a whale came and got stuck, blowing water to attract attention. Eventually, the whale turned to stone and stayed in that rocky spot forever. What raises the water the way it does, is the air trapped in the cave where the waves explode.

Bonus Tip

We can’t leave out the wineries, we will soon make a post dedicated to Wine Tourism. But my bonus tip goes to Domecq’s House and their wine experience. It’s one of the oldest places in Ensenada and also beautiful. You must try it!


Make the most of your stay in Ensenada, Mexico, by experiencing many traditional and new truistic spots and collecting as many images as you can, but most of all, stay safe! Follow all the recommendations for Covid Prevention. All hotels and restaurants have certain measures in place to keep all their visitors safe. And don’t forget to get your car insurance with online insurance companies or La Segura Insurance App directly from your mobile phone.

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