Last year was pretty difficult for many due to Covid-19, but now if you’re vaccinated and ready to relax and of course, still taking care of yourself we have a list of hotels in the best vacation spots in Mexico near the U.S. From traveling with family to love gateways with wine and a beautiful sky filled with stars, these are our hotel recommendations for vacations in Mexico.

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Vacations in Mexico are magical 

Mexican culture is an amazing experience you must live, it’s not only about the food or exotic drinks, but the people are very nice and always willing to have a conversation with you with a great smile. One of the most exciting aspects is that you can easily travel to Mexico from the USA by car and also enjoy the road. With an amazing spot nearby, we decided to do research about the best hotels and give you all the insights according to the experience you want to live in this colorful and happy part of the world.

Hotels in Mexico for families seeking quality time

Work and daily tasks at home take the best of you, and by the end of the day, you only have your bed in mind. Especially those days where we had to add home school and work from home. It just felt like nothing ever ended, right? So kids might want to see that playful side of their parents again. Why not try these hotels during your vacations in Mexico?

Tesoro Los Cabos

It is located in the district of the marina in the city of Cabo San Lucas. If your kids love boats, you can enjoy the views from their rooms. Their restaurant’s menu looks delicious and guess what? Yes! Boats to view while you eat. Kids under 6 have free buffet meals and their swimming pools are also beautiful.

Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel for Vacations In Mexico

Nobu Hotel

This hotel is just gorgeous! If you are a fan of uploading all your favorite moments to Instagram, you’ll find every spot in this hotel perfect for family pictures! Most of their rooms are suites, so they have a pretty good amount of space. They offer a multi-sensory culinary experience, from bites at Playabar to dining in your room 24/7. They also have a bar, cafe, spa and guess what? They’re pet-friendly! Yes, the whole family can take vacations here!

Nobu Hotel for Vacations In Mexico

Hotels in Mexico for romantic vacations

If you are looking to spend quality time with the person you love in a romantic vacation spot, we have two amazing spots for you in Mexico. From gazing into the eyes of your loved one to a lovely starry night in Valle de Guadalupe to a private villa experience in Cabo San Lucas.

Campera Hotel

It’s simple, basically eat, pray or just be grateful and love! This hotel is located in Valle de Guadalupe and it’s so beautiful! They have a unique space surrounded by vines under the stars. Their 12 unique bubbles offer you a 180º view of the landscape and at night they light up in such a whimsical way you will feel in a fairy tale story! The good news is that it’s real and the next day you will be able to enjoy their delicious and beautiful cuisine plus try out their wines.

Campera Hotel for Vacations In Mexico

Grand Solmar, The Residences

Located in Cabo San Lucas, Grand Solmar offers humongous suites that will make you feel at home, but are actually better than home! With 6 options to dine according to your mood, maybe one day inside the swimming pool, maybe another day in Pjs from your suite, you’ll feel like high royalty. They also have a large number of services available in their spa, so just relax. This is the perfect place to just relax and indulge yourself!

Grand Solmar for Vacations In Mexico

Hotels to rest from nightlife in Rosarito or Tijuana

Are you planning a weekend in Rosarito Mexico for a fun night? Or perhaps Tijuana and wondering where you should be staying after that drink and friends night? If you already had so much fun the night before, why miss that Mexican-style relaxing time with good food and Instagram spots?

Hacienda Rancho Santini

Rancho Santini is located at Rosarito Beach and offers ocean views plus installations with a cabin-beach style. They have common areas like a BBQ zone, picnic area and a solarium to mention some, with a colorful Mexican essence. Most of all, this place will fill your lounge with fresh air.

Hacienda Rancho Santini for Vacations In Mexico

Quartz Hotel

The Quartz Hotel is in Tijuana. They have a very balanced space to make you feel at peace with the spa services. Their main goal is to keep you in a healthy routine while traveling. So perhaps this hotel could be that break from the routine you were looking for. They have a beautiful restaurant plus a gym and swimming pool. Part of the decoration for Quartz was inspired by Huichol art, which is outlined by their unique and original art pieces in the lobby.

Quartz Hotel for Vacations In Mexico

Travel to Mexico from the U.S. with good insurance

So if the road is up for you, make sure your insurance company covers you. Some online insurance companies only offer a few miles across the United States border, so if this is your case, we suggest you download our car insurance app La Segura Insurance. You will be able to add different vehicles plus drivers, read more about La Segura Insurance features. Make sure to check out our post on tips on how to drive safely to Mexico. Have a good stay!